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Support me and get access to my monthly discounted digital rewards. Collect all Exclusive High Definition versions of my artwork, NSFW / Lingerie versions, Step by step sequence and extra Bonuses. Gain exclusive discounts on prints and early access to Patreon only previews. Join now to vote on what you’d like to see me paint next and help me create more awesome content!

Patreon FAQ

Will you be releasing published covers?

Unfortunately not. I do not own the copright to those images therefore cannot distribute high res versions or create nsfw versions of them. 

Can I edit my pledge?

Of course! You can edit your pledge anytime before the cut off date for that term. The cut off date will usually be on the last day of the month. 

How come some prints are more expensive?

Some publishers limit the amount of prints they create. Therefore they are worth a bit more 🙂 

I just pledged, when do i receive the rewards?

First of all, thank you for your support! My content releases during the first week of the month through Patreon message. Make sure to sign up before the cut off date. If you have signed up after the cut off date, you are signed up for the following month’s release.

How do i get past rewards?

All past rewards are available on my Store.

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